Endowment Campaign 2022-2026

There are so many great things happening with our beloved Fraternity.  Membership has rebounded from the impact of the pandemic.  Our undergraduates are returning to their campuses with renewed excitement about Theta Xi.  And, alumni are supporting the Fraternity in record numbers.

And on Founders Day this year, we announce one more GREAT thing.

Theta Xi Foundation is launching a new endowment campaign.  The “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders …Today” campaign.  This is a capital campaign to raise $3,000,000 for an endowment to permanently fund the Vredenburgh Presidents Academy, the Rising Stars Academy, and the Newell District Leadership Academy.  These leadership and educational programs impact the lives of hundreds of our undergraduates every single year.  These young brothers learn valuable leadership skills that help them improve our chapters, grow membership, and make an impact in their communities.

That is why the Foundation and the Fraternity have embarked on this campaign.  Since early 2021, a team of dedicated alumni have worked on the “quiet phase” of Building Tomorrow’s Leaders… Today.  This team has secured more than $2,200,000 of commitments from our brothers.

And now, we are launching the public phase to achieve the overall objective of raising $3,000,000! 

Brothers can make a one-time contribution, or pledge a gift over 5 years — making an annual commitment to the campaign.  Alumni Associations have also stepped up with their own contributions.  You can make a gift online in just minutes.  Click Here to Give Now.

No matter how large or modest your gift, your participation in this effort is what matters most.

Join us in endowing our future, so we can give this gift of brotherhood to generations of Theta Xi men!



Make Your Pledge Today

Thank You to Our Donors


$500,000 and above
H. Robert Veenstra, Jr., Mu 740
Walter S. Brock, Beta Pi 103

$250,000 to $499,999

$100,000 to $249,999
Donald Allison, Omicron 758
Michael A. Pitcher, Alpha Omicron 634
David C. Schwab, Beta Pi 53

$50,000 to $99,999
Philip R. Boyce, Beta Beta 201
David A. Dean, Beta Epsilon 606
Kenneth A. Miller, Omicron 752
Frank J. Semcer, Gamma 823

$25,000 to $49,999
Alpha Nu Alumni Association
Steve Baker, Delta 814
Beta Pi Alumni Association
Robert G. Dietrich, Kappa Tau 331
Arthur D. Ickes, Kappa Sigma 183
Duane L. James, Alpha Eta 477 Gamma Beta
     in honor of Bro. Jon Calcagni
Jim Pike, Alpha Zeta 550
     in honor of the men preceding me
     on whose shoulders I stand.
John J. Watrous, Alpha Zeta 1070

$15,000 to $24,999
Donald S. Meringer, Iota 1093
Stephen Spedaliere, Beta Upsilon 240

$10,000 to $14,999
Christopher N. Baker, Chi 335
David A. DeMuro, Sigma 896
John A. Dever, Alpha Kappa 240
David W. Fowkes, Alpha 1275
Jeffrey R. Gallagher, Eta 594
Craig S. Janus, Alpha Sigma 803
J. Tanner Marcantel, Alpha Alpha 1675
Kurt G. May, Alpha Iota 486
Richard C. McCormac, Beta Epsilon 131
Lawrence B. Stanley, Alpha Alpha 850
Nicholas C. Tomlinson, Alpha Alpha 1699

$5,000 to $9,999
Alpha Zeta Alumni Association
Jeffrey W. Arnold, Alpha Eta 357
Scott A. Capone, Alpha Nu 793
Joseph R. Cottrell, Alpha Zeta 698
Brett M. Covert, Kappa Tau 710
Ryan A. Kight, Mu 1197
Ray E. Klinginsmith, Beta Iota 1
Major (Ret) Shawn Monien, Gamma Sigma 16
Mu Alumni Association
Adam M. Schaffer, Iota 1538
Donald W. Thomas, Beta Epsilon 167

$1,000 to $4,999
Matthew A. M. Bachmann, Delta 979
William Davis, Beta Zeta 755
     in memory of Jason Garofalo

Up to $1,000
Ronald P. Botelho, Gamma Mu 136
Scott Leising, Kappa Sigma 1407
Zach Tate, Gamma Eta 629
     in honor of Phil Born, Gamma Epsilon 1
Andrew Wetzel, Gamma Tau 25