Theta Xi Foundation

The Theta Xi Foundation was was created in 1949 to provide Theta Xi members with new opportunities to contribute to society in general, and educational endeavors in particular. Today, the Theta Xi Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity that provides scholarships to undergraduates and grants for programming related to leadership, community service, and other educational opportunities.

The purpose of the Foundation is “To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply the income or principal thereof to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding by creating scholarships or fellowships for the benefit of deserving students in colleges and universities by making loans or outright grants to professors, teachers, students, student organizations or societies to carry on research in his, her, or their particular field of endeavor, and to expend money for any other educational or charitable purpose not inconsistent with the above purposes.”

Giving to The Foundation
The Foundation is built by gifts from alumni and friends who have a deep interest and abiding faith in youth, and who recognize the college fraternity as an agency that is making an invaluable contribution to molding its members into responsible and upright citizens.

Alumni and Friends of Theta Xi can learn more about supporting Theta Xi here.

Board of Trustees
The Foundation is administered by a board of trustees composed of an Executive Committee of three members and additional trustees elected for four-year terms.  The current members of the Board of Trustees is listed below.

Chairman Kenneth A. Miller, Omicron 752 Penn ’72
Vice Chairman Stephen D. Baker, Delta 814 MIT ’84
Treasurer H. Robert Veenstra, Jr., Mu 740 Iowa State ’71
Secretary Donald S. Meringer, Iota 1093 Wash U ’82
Trustee Christopher N. Baker, Chi 335 The Ohio State ’97
Trustee Phillip R. Boyce, Beta Beta 201 San Jose State ’66
Trustee David K. Ford, Kappa Tau 442 West Virginia Wesleyan ’85
Trustee Craig S. Janus, Alpha Sigma 803 Bradley ’00
Trustee Rick Malir, Alpha Iota 541 Kansas State ’87
Trustee Kurt G. May, Alpha Iota 486 Kansas State ’83
Trustee James O. Pike, Alpha Zeta 550 UCLA ’69
Trustee Michael A. Pitcher, Alpha Omicron 634 Louisiana-Lafayette ’80
Trustee Adam M. Schaffer, Iota 1538 Wash U ’05
Honorary Trustee Donald G. Allison, Omicron 758 Penn ’72
Honorary Trustee Dr. Richard C. McCormac, Beta Epsilon 131 UC Davis ’61


Make A Gift

Giving to the Foundation is simple and can be done in multiple ways. 

Click here to give to Theta Xi.

You can also mail in your gift to our address below.

Theta Xi Foundation
260 Peachtree St NW, Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30303
(314) 993-6294, x109